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Single Source Data

We measure from ad exposure to purchase, enabling brands to optimise the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Behavioural Insights

Single-source data reveals consumer behaviour like no other data. It charts everything an individual sees, searches, and buys – online and offline.

By defining an audience by behaviour rather than demographics, you can target consumers with unprecedented precision.

You can not only target people who use your brand to drive loyalty, but also your competitor’s customers to win market share.

Once you define your audience, our data shows you exactly what they watch on TV, do online, in-store, and much more.

Media Planning

By piecing together behavioural data on your target audiences with performance data from your past campaigns and those of competitors’, media planners can confidently allocate their budgets and build optimised cross-media plans across linear TV, social and VOD that delivers against their specific business objectives.

In-Flight Campaign Monitoring

Constantly monitor the performance of your campaign in-flight to understand what works and what doesn’t. Don’t wait until the campaign ends and risk wasting money — make in-flight changes to your media mix and maximise the performance of your campaign.

Campaign Effectiveness

Reach, frequency, attention and emotional response are inaccurate proxies that are used to try to answer the real question – how did people change their behaviour after being exposed to your campaign? Did they purchase your product, sign-up, or visit the website? Whatever your metric is, we’ll help you capture it.

Stop measuring uncorrelated proxies and start measuring the actual UPLIFT of your campaign against hard metrics. Calculate ROI and benchmark the results against past campaigns and those of your competitors.

Campaign Attribution

Understanding the overall effectiveness of your campaign is important — but it’s not enough. To improve your next campaign you must understand WHAT worked well and WHAT didn’t. What was the optimal frequency? Which channels performed best? Which dayparts? Programmes? What was the optimal Share Of Voice? With your audience travelling across so many channels how can do this?

Single-Source data enables you to measure the long-term effect of advertising and look at all ad exposures in the weeks and months before the action was performed. With this, you can understand how each touchpoint affected user behaviour.

Competitive Intelligence

Want a sneak peek at your competitors’ detailed campaign performance? What was the uplift of their campaign? How did it influence your customers? How effective was their creative? Which channels and dayparts worked for them? Single-Source data allows you to see all of this so you will never be caught unprepared and can react to market changes as they happen.

Journey to Purchase

Our Single-Source data helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the audiences that matter to you. Constantly monitor the changing journey to purchase of your customers and those of your competitors’ so you can stay ahead.

In addition, you can monitor what your target audience cares about, their habits, tastes, searches, interests and where they hang out.

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Single Source Data: A revolution in measuring media effectiveness.
We measure the journey to purchase from ad exposure to purchase,
enabling brands to optimise the effectiveness of their VOD and TV campaigns.

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Single Source Data

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