For the first time, Single-Source data can directly connect media exposure data with online and offline purchase data on the same individuals, based on one data set with no data fusion.

This changes everything for CPGs’ media planning and measurement!

Since our Single-Source data also includes what’s happening on the supermarket shelves, CPGs can use it for every part of their campaign management, just like online brands. Now you can access insights on your audiences and those of your competitors for media planning, campaign measurement and optimisation.

But there is more – you can now use Single-Source data to calculate the ROI and uplift from your price and promotion campaigns (with or without TV support), giving you the ability to balance all of your marketing activities.

You also no longer need to wait for the results of your expensive and slow econometrics research. Our near real-time data lets you constantly monitor all your marketing activities and see how they affect your sales and market position.


“The ViewersLogic platform shared the benefits of AV driving short term reach yet also allowed us to measure how this could be built on further for long term brand availability. The data helped shape our later campaign in 2023 with optimum frequency, day part, and publisher selection.”
Nina Shanahan, Head of Marketing, Ryvita

“The Viewerslogic platform gave us the ability to look at the long-term effects of price and promotion combined on buying behaviour. Does it drive new customers to the brand? How do loyal consumers respond and what promotions worked the hardest for us whilst we ran paid media?”
Vicky Cojeen, Marketing Director, JDR