Best TV Ad campaigns of Q4 2022: General furniture brand comparison

Author: ronny

Published: 14th February 2023


Q4 is traditionally a time when furniture and mattress companies have strong revenue. However, the close of 2022 was full of contradictions for consumers. The first Christmas without COVID restrictions allowed us to finally celebrate with family and friends. While, on the other hand, fuel and food costs rocketed, causing households to be more cautious in their spending.

Given the conflicting motivations of consumers, it is more critical than ever that brands are able to understand the effectiveness of their TV advertising campaigns in order to optimise ROI.

To bring clarity to this issue, we took a look at the Q4 TV ads of several general furniture and mattress brands to see how they performed. In this case, we chose sessions on the brand’s app and website as the response metric to the TV campaign.

What were the results: 

  • Wayfair had the most effective campaign with an average uplift per 10M impacts of 3.1% over the 3 month period. Their modest but ‘always on’ strategy clearly paid off.
  • Dreams came in second with 2.7%. A solid performance from a twin burst campaign
  • Dunelm delivered a 2.5% uplift over Q4. This was remarkable given their low volume and an absence of any activity in December.
  • DFS brought up the rear with a 2.1% uplift, though over a significantly higher volume. Their campaign delivered a concentrated uplift from mid-November to mid-December.
Brand Avg Uplift per 10M impacts Total Impacts
Wayfair 3.1% 495,547,600
Dreams 2.7% 699,593,300
Dunelm 2.5% 176,759,900
DFS 2.1% 1,314,399,700


We used a natural test and control methodology based on our Single-Source data, which is the measurement of TV and other media exposure, purchase behaviour, and location data over time on the same individual. ViewersLogic gathers this data passively from its first of a kind consumer panel.

Control Group: Individuals who were not exposed to TV activity from the brand in question during the campaign period or in the 2 weeks prior.

Test Group: Individuals who were exposed to TV activity from the brand in question during the campaign period but not in the two weeks prior.

A response is a session on the app and visits to the website for the brand in question, de-duplicated so that we can only have a maximum of one response per user per week. The response rate is the number of responses as a percentage of the entire group.

We compared the response rate of each group before and during the campaign and calculated the uplift of the test group that was over and above the control group. For example: for every 10M impacts the traffic to the Dunelm website grew by 2.5% within the test group.

Monitoring period: 01/10/22 – 31/12/22

Below you can see the graphs with the normalised uplift adjusted for the baseline of the non-exposed group:

Reach out to the ViewersLogic team to learn more about how single-source data can help you maximise your ad spend and optimise the performance of  your TV ad campaigns.