ViewersLogic is revolutionising how brands and agencies understand and engage
their customers and audiences.

What we do changes everything.

A Multi-Media World Requires
Multi-Media Measurement

We are single source data pioneers

We believe the power and value of single source data makes anything else obsolete.

Brands, marketers and advertisers need to make decisions that are driven by data. Until now that has meant relying on fragmented, third-party activity data and demographics all fused together in the pursuit of insights. We believe the best way to understand consumers and audiences is this:

Don’t measure the media, measure the person

Single source data comes directly from the person. It provides behavioural intelligence that makes assumptions, inferences and formulae redundant.

The truth is, incremental improvements to analytical tools are failing to keep step with the march of technology. Privacy legislation and the demise of internet cookies are, quite rightly, making the data landscape more difficult to see. ViewersLogic shines a clear, bright light, with single source data that is permissioned, compliant and, above all, the very best data possible.

For ViewersLogic it is a differentiator.
For our customers it is a game changer.

Meet the Viewers Logic Team

We are entrepreneurs and engineers with many years experience in advertising, media and technology and we're passionate about the transformation single source data can bring to those sectors.

Ronny Golan

Director, CEO & Co-Founder

Oren Poleg

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Hassan Khan

VP of Sales

Simen Moen

Head of Data & Measurement