Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo – Which TV campaign performed better?

Author: ronny

Published: 6th April 2022


How did we do it? 

We used a natural test and control methodology based on our Single-Source data. Single-Source data is the measurement of TV and other media exposure, purchase behaviour and location data over time on the same individual. ViewersLogic gathers its passively collected Single-Source data from the first of its kind consumer panel in the UK.

  • Control Group: Individuals who were not exposed to TV activity from the brand in question during the campaign period or in the 2 weeks prior.
  • Test Group: Individuals who were exposed to TV activity from the brand in question during the campaign period but not in the two weeks prior.

The campaign period for Deliveroo and Just Eat was 3rd January 2022 – 6th March 2022

The campaign period for Uber Eats was 24th December 2021 – 16th January 2022

What were the results? 

In order to compare the 3 TV campaigns, we looked at the uplift per 10M impacts. Results show:

  • Deliveroo’s TV advertising was 71% more effective than Uber Eats
  • Just Eat’s TV advertising was  28% more effective than Uber Eats

See full table below for specific insights.


Brand Total uplift Total impacts Uplift per 10M Impacts
Deliveroo 147% 1,186,275,300 1.2%
Just Eat 57% 625,415,500 0.9%
Uber Eats 17% 262,443,900 0.7%


Graphs below detail the exposed vs. non-exposed patterns for each brand as well as the normalised uplift adjusted for the baseline of the non-exposed group.

Uplift Analysis