Single Source Data reveals how to find just the right opportunity for your brand

Author: dcr

Published: 19th March 2023


TV sponsorship has long been a hard media investment to value and get right. We assume that its proximity to an event means that an advertising brand must benefit from all the eyeballs that are drawn to the program.

While we all know it’s a little more complicated than that, we now have data that can make this an easier and more productive media decision.

Success of a sponsorship depends on the affinity of the viewing audience to the brand that is advertising or the brand’s sector. i.e their preference to different interests such as travel,  betting or music. This can only be reliably assessed when Single Source Data SSD is used. [Click here to see more about Single Source Data]

The Cheltenham races just ended so we took this opportunity to look into TV sponsorships around the event and see how our Single Source Data can help us understand which brands would gain the most from a sponsorship.


To understand which brands would be a good fit for the Cheltenham races sponsorship, we looked at 2 groups of users:

  • Light horse racing viewers – users who watched horse racing on ITV for at least 3 hours in the past 12 months
  • Heavy horse racing viewers – users who watched horse racing on ITV for at least 10 hours in the past 12 months


We looked at the interests of each group as well as the brand affinity of the group users in order to understand which brands should sponsor this event.

The table below shows the indices of these groups to specific interests

As can be seen from the above table, both groups are highly indexed for betting, sports (both obvious) as well as Music and e-commerce.

The next step would be to identify specific brands that can be relevant for the sponsorship.

Betting brands are clearly the obvious candidates for this event and indeed brands like PaddyPower, Coral, Skybet and Bet365 have a very high index for Cheltenham viewers.

As opposed to the above brands, Ladbrokes has a low index within this group (0.94) which means that they have the largest growth potential from this sponsorship.

It is interesting to see that some Bingo apps are also very highly indexed among the Cheltenham viewers which provides a slightly less obvious sponsorship / advertising opportunity

When looking at Music apps, we can see that this audience is highly indexed to the Amazon music app, while they have a low index for Spotify. Like in the Ladbrokes case – this could be a good sponsorship opportunity for Spotify who can use this to reach many users who have a strong interest in music but do not use Spotify.


Deciding on a sponsorship is a complex decision which needs to take into consideration many things – does the brand want to be associated with the programme/event? Does the cost make sense? Will it increase sales? Brand equity? etc.

An integral part of any sponsorship decision is the audience analysis that enables brands to understands whether this is a good sponsorship opportunity or not. Single-Source data can help with this decision by providing the brand an accurate analysis of the viewers of the programme and the growth chance for the brand.