Jordans Dorset Ryvita and Viewerslogic

Author: Shano Ahmad

Published: 14th September 2023

Case Studies

The Problem

CPG brands have had limited visibility of the impact of their TV campaigns, their price and promotion campaigns, and the effect of both combined. This information is critical in enabling them to allocate funds to manage strategic issues such as maintaining market share and managing the economic impact of a temporary period of reduced margins. Typically, that would involve costly and lengthy measurement projects such as econometrics studies. Due to their cost and complexity, such studies are performed infrequently, leaving brands to lag behind rapidly changing consumer behaviour. 

Brand: Ryvita

Ryvita recognised that ViewersLogic’s single-source data — supported by NIQ’s Homescan — could hold the answers to these perennial challenges; the platform can isolate different groups’ exposure to advertisements/promotions and their purchasing behaviour in near real-time, removing the need for lengthy and expensive studies. Ryvita asked ViewersLogic to analyse the uplift impact on sales of:

  • TV only, outside of promotions
  • Instore price and promotions only, without TV
  • TV plus price and promotions



TV only, outside of promotions: TV increases purchase rates 

    • ViewersLogic analysed shopping baskets that were bought when Ryvita products were not on promotion to compare customers who had been exposed to TV with those who hadn’t.
  • Purchase rates increased by a fifth when TV was introduced but there were no promotions on. 


Price and promotions only: Promotions increase purchase rates by more than 100% in isolation 

  • ViewersLogic analysed shopping baskets of people who were not exposed to TV, looking at what difference a promotion made to measure its effect in isolation.
  • The purchase rate increase from a promotion was significantly bigger than that of TV, as the measurements covered a relatively short term.


TV plus price and promotion: Combination increased purchase rates by over four times compared to no promotion or TV 

  • ViewersLogic compared the zero-activity (no TV or promotion) baskets to those that include exposures to both.
  • The result was a near quintupling of the purchase rate, showing that the numbers achieved for TV or promotions in isolation grew substantially when used together, creating an uplift much higher than the sum of its parts.



The sales impact of combined TV plus price and promotion is considerable and significantly higher than each in isolation. 

Ryvita Quote 

‘It was clear we knew that price and promotion when combined with TV advertising drives positive penetration. However, where we see the additional value is the ability to look at the long-term effects of price and promotion combined on buying behaviour. Does it drive new customers to the brand? How do loyal consumers respond and what promotions worked the hardest for us whilst we ran paid media?’

Vicky Cocheen, Marketing Director, Jordans Dorset Ryvita


  • This analysis looked at sales for Ryvita products (Crispbread, Crackerbread, Thins) from 27th June to 9th October 2022.
  • ViewersLogic isolated baskets that contain at least 10 items, in the interest of making a reasonable assumption that the shoppers would have walked past the Ryvita products at some point during their shopping.
  • ViewersLogic split out that selection into groups based on whether there was a promotion running and whether the consumer had been exposed to TV activity at the time of purchase.
  • ViewersLogic compared purchase rates (number of Ryvita buyers as a percentage of the selected group) across the different groups to assess the effect of both TV and promotions in isolation as well as in combination.