Celebrating Our Journey: Winning “Tech Company of the Year”

Author: Shano Ahmad

Published: 3rd July 2024


We are thrilled to win the prestigious The Media Leader “Tech Company of the Year” award. A testament to relentless effort and hard work over the past few years. Reflecting on our journey, I wanted to share some insights and advice for entrepreneurs embarking on a similar path.

The Reality of EntrepreneurshipIt’s Harder Than You Think

Starting and growing a company is a rollercoaster. I promise it’s more challenging & all-consuming than you can ever anticipate! A journey fraught with obstacles that will test you! Every entrepreneur will tell you stories of frustration and near-breakdowns. So, be clear on what you’re stepping into!
Even after two decades as a startup CEO, some moments you just can’t prepare for! Nothing is certain until the cash is in the bank & then it isn’t…. Like many, our funds were held with ill-fated Silicon Valley Bank. A truly miserable weekend until HSBC announced its acquisition of SVB UK branch on Monday am.

Perseverance is Key

You have to keep going. Through the low points: when business is slow & your energy is low. As they say: ‘anyone can manage success’… you need to dig deep when times are tough.
During my decade-long journey at ViewersLogic, I faced moments where it seemed there was no way out, an optimistic mindset is a non-negotiable.
Faced with just a six-week runway & a major investor withdrawing at the 11th hour, I channelled my energy into prepping for a crucial meeting. Thankfully, we secured a much needed $6m investment.

The Emotional Roller Coaster

Prepare yourself!  Small victories bring immense joy, while minor setbacks can be disproportionately disheartening. Even after two decades, I still experience these emotional highs and lows. You need to celebrate successes without getting carried away and to take setbacks in your stride.
In many instances, you realise the bad news wasn’t as dramatic as it initially seemed. These days, I wait at least 24 hours before updating our board and team. The situation is rarely as bad as it first seemed. And over the course of an early morning run, I will find a solution
Many struggle with the ups & downs of startup life. As CEO, it is a balancing act.. honesty with the team is a non-negotiable but you need to keep up morale & productivity. A calm & stable environment benefits everyone.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Thank you: ViewersLogic team, our supportive board, investors and partners. Nothing is possible without you. You are all an integral part of our journey.
We hope our story and insights provide some encouragement to aspiring entrepreneurs. Stay resilient, keep pushing forward, and have lots of fun along the way. There is rarely a dull moment.